The game will be released in March, 1 2019 on Steam Early Access.

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HALF DEAD 2 Ray Tracing Tech Demo

This is our tech demo of real time Ray Tracing Reflections with best perfomance on the market. You can see ...
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Official trailer and new Screenshots on Steam!

Keep an eye out for more updates to come by adding Half Dead 2 to wishlist and jump over to ...
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Win a Steam Key of Statues

All you need is to retweet and follow. Competition will close at: 4 am PDT on 28th June 2018. ...
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HALF DEAD 2 price revealed!

Because our game is mostly based on good online we decided to set price on 4,99$ level instead of planned ten dollars.

In future we want to raise the price by adding more content and go full release from early access.

How it feels to get caught by Teddy bear trap.

HALF DEAD 2 release will be delayed. The game is almost done but we still need to complete, polish and test some stuff.

The game will be released in March, 1 2019. Add the game to wishlist to not miss it.

Happy holidays!


New rooms & New rules

Avoid deadly traps and fight with other players in HALF DEAD 2. You will see new gameplay, different types of traps, a variety of weapons to use, player customization and even more. The game is in the early stages of development

New Rooms And New RulesAvoid TrapsFight With Other PlayersThrow Your ShoesWin your freedom



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